Passionate about dances from the age of 10, accompanying several great Malian artists on tours as a dancer choir, I now have a very good command of the rich and secular repertoire of traditional dances and songs from Mali. I first trained for 10 years in Mali in one of the most famous dance ballets in the capital Bamako called "Ballet Babemba" then in various dance ballets from West Africa including Burkina Faso, the Guinea Conakry and different styles of dance such as contemporary dance or acrobatic dances. For 10 years I have accumulated teaching and animation activities: family celebrations, training workshops for young people and adults, artistic projects related to the promotion and transmission of Malian dances with pedagogy. I also participate in festivals as a dancer.


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- Head of the WASOULOU DJEMBEKA troupe of ATP Salmorenc; since 2021

- Animator of traditional ceremonies and festivals; Since 2017  

- Teacher of Traditional Dances from Mali; French School "Les Angelos" and individuals; since Sep 2019

- Organizer of Artistic Residences around the Dances of Mali; since 2002

- Dancer, Burkina Faso Women's Dance Troupe; Burkina Faso; 2013-2014

- Dancer, National Troops of Guinea Conakry "Circus Baobao" and "Amoussou"; 2012-2013

- Introduction to Contemporary dance with Germaine Akoni (Contemporary dance teacher) Bamako; 1998-2002

- Chorus-singer and Dancer for internationally renowned Malian artists - Artistic Tour in the regions of Mali: Oumou Sangaré, Samba Diallo, Paye Camara.

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- Learning and mastering the basics of traditional dances from Mali, all ethnicities (about ten)

- Learning and perfection of "solo" dance in a circle

- Creations of choreographies inspired by dances from Mali

Malian dances have several peculiarities, they are rich and varied: there is as much repertoire as there are ethnic groups and each repertoire brings together dozens of typical and precise movements: from all over West Africa, Malian dances are part of the most complex and technical, but also the most coveted. His dances inseparable from their percussions and sometimes secular songs, release a contagious and catchy energy. They are of universal beauty recognized worldwide.

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Why this training?

- Acquire technical skills of dancing and singing in one of the best dance ballets in Bamako

- Be trained by the greatest teacher choreographers, directors and dancers of the capital and rub shoulders with those who will become the cream of Malian dance.


In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.